PRIDE Students of the Month

PRIDE Students of the Month

PRIDE Students of the Month is a new initiative started by students to celebrate as many students as possible for demonstrating the best qualities Harmony has to offer. For each month teachers will nominate students they see demonstrating our core values – Professionalism, Respect, Involvement, Determination, and Excellence. The following students earned at least two nominations from teacher for that specific value:We commend the following students for earning multiple nominations through various values.

  1. Professionalism: B. Schluckwerder and E. Hoskins.
  2. Respect: S. Polk, A. Goyal, C. Ridad, I. Estolano, A. Moreno
  3. Involvement: V. WIlganoski, E. McKellar, C. Ridad
  4. Determination: B. Shresta, R. Cacho, R. Alhuwalia
  5. Excellence: A. Gonzaga, J. Enzo Sagun, N. Houchen, C. Ridad, H. Hoskins.

Congratulations to the top PRIDE Student of the month with a whopping 9 nominations…C. Ridad!

Thank you students for exemplifying the core values of Tiger PRIDE!

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