PRIDE Students of the Month

PRIDE Students of the Month

Congratulations to all the students named below for their demonstration of HSI core values in the month of December! We thank you and celebrate you for the way you uphold Tiger PRIDE each and every day! Keep it up Tigers!
Grade 6

Professionalism: A. Gonzaga, B. Fernandez, C. Ruiz, G. Florence, H. Moody, S. Mathew
Respect: G. Stokes, B. Schluckwerder, J. Roberts, J. Zapata, L. West
Involvement: A. Tran, A. Guzman-Negrete, G. Hygh, H. Miller, S. Hatam, S. Haile
Determination: A. Tran, C. Vertus, C. Nguyen, G. Arikan, K. Nino, R. Yraola
Excellence: A. Tran, C. Nguyen, G. Hygh, J. Zapata, S. McLain, S. Khanal

Grade 7
Professionalism: A. Goyal, A. Simmons, L. Johanon, L. Tinoco, R. McClung
Respect: J. Anwar, N. Castro, S. Wendt, S. Pokhrel, T. Moody
Involvement: A. Goyal, C. Floran, G. Navarro, K. Breland, S. Pokhrel
Determination: A. Segura, E. Villagram, I. Ahuactizin, J. Enzo Sagun, L. Yraola
Excellence: B. Gonzalez, E. Alkek, L. Yraola, S. Cox, S. Pokhrel

Grade 8

Professionalism: T. McMath, B. Shrestha, B. Berry, H. Rice, J. Owens, K. Vo, M. Memic
Respect: A. Davalos, C. Mercurio, C. Ridad, D. Benavidez, E. Pallares, N. Onyebadi, N. Dol, T. Hoskins
Involvement: A. Korkutovic, E. Pallares, G. Bailifffe, M. Cordero, B. Carrillo, N. Houchen, N. Onyebadi, P. Luna
Determination: A. Ramirez, A. Maciel, C. Reid, D.Orozco, H. Mousa, J. Smith, N. Houchen, R. Sanchez
Excellence: K. Vo, G. Jow, C. Reid, N. Onyebadi, Q. Harris-Williams, T. Hoskins, T. Nguyen

Grade 9

Professionalism: A. Zhang, H. Bird, N. Gill, N. Lin, X. Yanez
Respect: A. Zhang, L. Havens, L. Sherman
Involvement: A. Barre, P. Barre, S. Blocker, B. Sauceda, V. Delacruz
Determination: B. Garces, L. Havens, P. Barre, S. Blocker, Z. Garcia
Excellence: A. Blanton, A. Mousa, D. Ingram, I. Estolano, T. Lin

Grade 10 

Professionalism: A. Teresa, A. Akhtar, M. Dinh
Respect: I. Strzhemechny, A. Parker, A. Ordonez, C. Sepulvada, G. Chen, H. Maewal, M. Dinh, O. Mireles, R. Kremer
Involvement: R. Kremer, A. Akhtar, D. Directo, I. Strzhemechny, K. Carey, M. Smailovic
Determination: G. Chen, M. Dinh, R. Ahluwalia, R. Kremer
Excellence: A. Teresa, F. Pallares, J. Marasigan, R. Ahluwalia

Grade 11

Professionalism: D. Wheels, D. Macias, E. Ahuactzin-Garcia, E. Boiling, K. Mathew, L. Marcelino, R. Tavera
Respect: A. Dunnahoo, C. Le, K. Castaneda, P. Sosa, R. Tavera
Involvement: A. White, C. Scheibel, K.Mathew, R. Golden, R. Tavera, S. Timalsina
Determination: D. Robinson, E. Ahuactzin-Garcia, M. Vargas, N. Martin
Excellence: A. White, D. Wheels, E. Ahuactzin-Garcia, H. Hoskins, K. Mathew

Grade 12

Professionalism: A. Moreno, A. Heard, M. Howard, N. Njiejr, T. Gambrell
Respect: A. Cordero, A. Harrison, E. Hood, J. Deguzman, M. Vasquez Garcia,
Involvement: A. Stancliffe, A. Moreno, S. Mendoza, G. Haynes, T. Gambrell, Y. Hernandez
Determination: A. Moreno, B. Nguyen, N. Njiejr, S. Thomas, S. Mendoza, V. Chavez
Excellence: A. Moreno, S. Mendoza, T. Gambrell

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