Black History Month

“Black History Month is an opportunity for everyone in the United States to celebrate and reflect on the contributions of African Americans in our nation’s history that were for so long silenced by white washing. For instance we’ve all heard of Bond, James Bond, but what about Ellen Bond? Ellen Bond was the cover identity that Mary Bowser adopted while working as a spy during the Civil War. Born a slave, freed and educated, but still working for a respectable family, she was recruited by her mistress to infiltrate the “White House” of the Confederate Army. Due to the racism of the era, black servants were trained to be invisible and assumed to be illiterate giving Bowser ample opporunity to eavesdrop on and read confidential information that she would report back to her abolitionist counterparts. She remained one of the best spies for the union until the final days of the Civil War when suspicion fell on her. She did escape and in doing so, attempted to burn the house!

HSI will be hosting our Celebration of Black History Month onThursday, Feb. 28th at 6pm. Parents and Families are welcome to join for en evening featuring Jazz Band, poetry, speeches, music and dance highlighting and featuring influential African Americans throughout history.

If you are a student who would like to perform or display art, there is the potential to earn extra credit from some English and History teachers, please contact Ms. Bowler –

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