Advertising Opportunity!

Have you been looking for a new way to advertise your business? How about new ways to help HSI? How would you like to advertise your business with Texas Roadhouse and help Harmony School of Innovation raise money?
Put your logos on the gift cards that HSI students and staff will be delivering to potential customers and clients just in time for Christmas!

How it works:

Everything you purchase 10% goes to HSIFW, advertising is free! If you buy a minimum of $500 dollars in gift cards, we will place a banner up in our store for 6 months at no extra cost to you. If you buy a minimum of $1,000 worth of gift cards, we will have a banner made and it will stay up for a year in our store. On average we have about 6,500-7,500 guests in our building each week. Think of how many people would be eating and staring at your business on a banner! Also, all the gift cards you buy will be co-branded (which means it will also be advertising for you, 2/3 of the gift card will have your company’s logo on and the remaining 1/3 will have a Texas Roadhouse logo on it).

  • If this is something you would like to participate in, contact April Fair at the Texas Roadhouse in the Overton Park Plaza (903-241-2603).
  • Spots are limited! Time is limited! This opportunity expires December 25th or when spots run out.
  • *Bar spots are $1,000 minimum.
  • *Your advertising sign in our restaurant can be different than what you put on your cards to hand out for your clients.
  • *If you are only interested in getting advertising on gift cards, there is no minimum limit.