TSI Testing Sign Up – (Saturday, April 13, 2019):
TSI passing score for each section is listed below.
*Mathematics: A Minimum Score of 350
*Reading: A Minimum Score of 351
  • A placement score of at least 340 and an essay score of at least 4; OR
  • A placement score of less than 340 and an ABE diagnostic level of at least a 4 and an essay score of at least 5.
Students must reach college ready standards in BOTH Reading and Writing to enroll in a college-level English course.
Please sign up with the link http://bit.ly/TSIregister if you want to retake TSI test on Saturday, April 13, 2019 . The registration deadline is Thursday, April 11, 2019.
No School!

Parents and Students,There will be no school on Monday February 18th in observance of a Student Holiday /District PD Day.

HSI-FW Administration

Practice STAAR Next Week!


Practice STAAR testing is occurring on our campus Tuesday February 19th – Friday February 22nd. Please make sure that students are in attendance and prompt. Please review the testing schedule below.

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Practice SAT- Wednesday February 20th

Juniors,Practice SAT testing is occurring on our campus Wednesday February 20th. Please make sure that all juniors are in attendance and prompt. Please review the testing schedule below.

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Valentine Fundraiser

Want to be help children in need? Want to give your Valentines something special? The National Junior Honor Society is hosting a Valentines Card Event throughout this week from Tuesday to Thursday during lunch. Students will be able to buy Valentines cards for $1 a card or card with chocolate for $2. Everything purchased will be distributed during advisory on Thursday. All the money we will make will go directly to the LoveShriners Organization for children with physical disabilties.
Blood Drive- February 15th

Harmony School of Innovation Click here to sign up!

Friday, February 15, 2019
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

8100 S Hulen
Fort Worth, TX 76123
Carter BloodCare Bus in Parking lot

Angelica Garcia
Volunteer Drive Coordinator

Rho Kappa Dress Up Day!

Rho Kappa is sponsoring a History themed dress day this coming Tuesday, Feb. 19th to celebrate President’s Day. Dress up as any historical figure, from Abraham Lincoln to a Roman Centurion. Regular dress code guidelines still apply.
HSI FW Civics Team Places in State Competition!

Congratulations to The Litter Bugs on their third place win at the 2019 Speak Up! Speak Out! State Civics Fair held Friday, February 8, 2019, at the Texas Capitol in Austin. The Litter Bugs presented competed with more than a dozen middle school teams from across the state of Texas. In addition to the competition, HSI team sponsors and team members were selected for live interviews about the competition, the civic process, and the positive aspects of the Speak Up Speak Out curriculum.

The Litter Bugs were selected for state competition by submitting a video of their presentation in December. Their victory earned each team member a state medal. HSI earns a state plaque and $200 to help fund the team’s civic proposal.

The Litter Bugs have targeted campus recycling as their civic duty. The team will use the award money to improve campus recycling through education and friendly competition.

Members of the Litter Bugs are L. Abrams, I. Ahuactzin, D. Billings, E. Hoskins, and A. Patel. Club sponsors are Mr. Adamson and Mrs. Barrett. The team is especially thankful to Mrs. Cavallo for her assistance with transportation. The annual Civics Fair is sponsored by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life via the University of Texas in Austin.

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Newest School of Character!

As you may already know, HSI-Fort Worth is recognized as one of only 87 schools in the nation to earn the title of Character School. Monday we completed a project to announce to the world how proud we are of all that we’ve accomplished; we had a professional film crew on campus to help us with this task. Technical difficulties did not stop us from getting excellent footage, and we cannot wait to see the final cut! Not only are we creating our own announcement to post online, but HSI has been contacted by people at WFAA – Channel 8 to appear this Friday on Good Morning Texas. We are so proud of our Harmony Community and our students here at HSI! Go Tigers!
PRIDE Students of the Month

PRIDE Students of the Month is a new initiative started by students to celebrate as many students as possible for demonstrating the best qualities Harmony has to offer. For each month teachers will nominate students they see demonstrating our core values – Professionalism, Respect, Involvement, Determination, and Excellence. Congratulations to the students who demonstrated our core values in the month of November.

Grade 6
Professionalism: A. Johnson, I. Patterson, M. White, M. Yanez, M. Garcia, N. Hernandez, N. Karki, Z. Ouattara
Respect: A. Johnson, A. Yarborough, B. Warren, C. Lumpkin, K. Jackson, M. White, M. Bah, N. Hernandez, S. Khanal
Involvement: A. Garcia, A. Guardado, E. Allen, G. Arikan, H. Miller, K. Wooldridge, K. Pierce, N. Kosanovic, S. Khanal
Determination: B. Ramirez, C. Bird, E. Armijo, G. Stoke, J. Robles, J. Vigueras-Soto, S. Mathew, S. Khanal
Excellence: A. Gonzaga, B. Schluckwerder, E. Memic, J. Roberts, J. Zapata, M. Banks, S. Haile, S. Khanal, V. Hager

Grade 7

Professionalism: A. Patino, A. Camacho, A. Simmons, A. Segura, A. Saheli, C. Grantham, C. Mariano, E. Alvarado, F. Alhatab, R. Soto, R. Stancliffe, S. Pokhrel
Respect: A. Segura, A. Alili, A. Gonzaga, C. Wafer, C. Chagoya, E. Ibrahimovic, E. Hoskins, K. Escamilla, K. Richardson, R. Stancliffe, R. Avina, S. Cox
Involvement: A. Alili, A. Segura, B. Taylor, C. Grantham, E. Ibrahimovic, E. Hoskins, G. Navarro, I. Ahuactzin, K. Sterling-May, N. Nealy, S. Wendt, S. Pokhrel
Determination: B. Gonzalez, F. Guerrero, F. Castellanos**, I. Ahuactzin, K. Lay, L. Johanon, M. Beck, M. Zurita, S. Martinez, U. Middleton, V. Mercado
Excellence: A. Carrill, A. Segura, A. Guzzardo, C. Mariano, C. Floran, D. Williams, I. Ahuactzin, J. Enzo Sagun, L. Yraola, S. Pokhrel, T. Medina

Grade 8

Professionalism: A. Ramirez, A. Lee, A. Nguyen, C. Reid, E. Estrada, E. Quirino, E. Dorsey, H. Rice, J. Grider, K. Foster, S. Venegas, T. Hoskins, V. Delacruz
Respect: A. Wilson, A. Lee, A. Mariscal, B. Berrym, C. Awa, D. Ayala, E. Martinez, H. Mousa, J., Owens, N. Houchen, Q. Harris-Williams, R. Adriano, S. Greear, V. Petrilli
Involvement: C. Ridad, D. Crooks, E. McKellar, J. Terrazas, K. Wilson, M. Cordero, N. Houchen, S. Austin, S. Venegas, T. Mcmath, V. Delacruz, Y. Onyebadi
Determination: A. Baggs, A. Wilson, A. Bernal, B. Shrestha, C. Mercurio, D. Benavidez, G. Pinon, G. Deguzman, H. Nazzal, H. Mousa, K. Vo, V. Delacruz
Excellence: A. Thomas, B. Berry,C. Mercurio, C. Mariano, E. Feller, G. Jow, N. Houchen, S. Venegas, T. Hoskins, V. Delacruz, Z. Alaqqad

Grade 9

Professionalism: A. Correll, A. Blanton, A. Barre, A. Mousa, D. Ingram, J. Sifuentes, J. Patino, M. Resendez, P. Barre, R. Lama, T. Lin
Respect: A. Correll. A. Oyervides, A. Romero, B. Smith, D. Leon, E. Moore, M. Resendez, N. Gill, O. Noeth, R. Padilla
Involvement: A. Correll, A. Barre, K. Nasir, L. Almazan, M. Resendez, N. Chadwick-Muhammad, P. Ramirez, T. Lin
Determination: A. Correll, A. Ahumada, B. Ali, L. Almazan, M. Resendez, P. Perez, S. Kirk, T. Sipho
Excellence: A. Correll, A. Blanton, A. Khazi-Syed, B. Cardenas, L. Saheli, M. Resendez, N. Gill, N. Lammons, P. Barre, Z. Delagarza

Grade 10

Professionalism: A. Teresa, A. Akhtar, M. Munoz, M. Manning, S. Vertus
Respect: A. Bah, C. Leonard, F. Pallares, M. Dinh, R. Dharmadi, S. Snow
Involvement: A. Escamilla, A. Smith, C. Stancliffe, G. Chen, M. Dinh, R. Barrett, R. Kremer
Determination: A. Masic, E. Martin, I. Strzhemechny, J. Mcamis, M. Smailovic
Excellence: A. Akhtar, R. Kremer, R. Ahluwalia

Grade 11

Professionalism: A. Jones, A. Willars, A. Seifert, C. Gibson, C. Smith, M. Carlsen, V. Carbajal, K. Thai
Respect: D. Wheels, G. Badrina, H. Hoskins, K. Ceron, M. Carlsen, M. Argueta
Involvement: A. Gabeljic, D. Ellison, E. Ahuactzin-Garcia, H. Hoskins, H. Shamdin, L. Marcelino, M. Roots, N. Martin
Determination: A. Ford, C. Gibson, C. Gross, D. Macias, F. Habeeb, H. Hoskins, J. Resendiz, M. Roots
Excellence: B. Lyons, C. Le, C. Alarcon, C. Coffman, G. Vo, K. Thai

Grade 12

Professionalism: I. Solis, M. Harris, R. Khan, A. Moreno
Respect: A. Stancliffe, E. Mccullough, H. Richardson, V. Chavez
Involvement: A. Dinh, E. Hood, H. Richardson, J. Deguzman, T. Gambrell, A. Korkutovic, G. Haynes, R. Khan
Determination: N. Njiejr, S. Mendoza, T. Maina, V. Chavez
Excellence: B. Nguyen, M. Howard, S. Mendoza, T. Maina, V. Ruiz Sandoval

Personal Hygiene Drive for the Homeless

It’s easy to think of donating to the homeless by offering warm cloths, shoes, canned food, or just money. What about maintaining good hygiene? How clean can you feel even in nice clothes if you cannot brush your teeth, wear deodorant, or wash your face? This is what HOSA and NHS are teaming up to raise awareness about. February 4th through the 18th, please bring donated personal hygiene products that will be delivered to The Presbyterian Night Shelter on Cypress St. in Fort Worth. One box will be located near the front office and another box will be located in front of room 118. Help us reach our goal of 200 items!

Items we are collecting include toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, deodorant, hand sanitizer, female hygiene products, and travel size toiletries.